Oh my goodness, this beautiful autumn weather is great for my biking legs but bad for my school productivity! I can only handle like an hour doing work in the basement lab before the urge to escape to a park or the waterfront takes over.

Over the past few weeks my destinations of choice have been…

  • The Islands (duh)
  • Riverdale and Withrow Parks
  • Waterfront Trail (either riding east to Cherry Beach/Leslie St. Spit or west to Humber Bay Park)
  • West Toronto Railpath -> Dundas -> Roncesvalles -> Cherry Bomb Coffee =)



My father rocks a pink polo and yellow bike gear, right?


Hot bridge over the Humber River.


The Luminous Veil overlooking the Don Valley. Probably one of the most beautiful places to be at sunset.



Waterfront Trail, just west of the Roncesvalles Bridge.



Cherry Bomb has GREAT americanos (and scones, I hear, but they’re always sold out when I get there) and old bikes on display. This one was built in 1890 (I think) and, to me, doesn’t look a whole lot different than today’s single-speeds. Check out those wooden rims and handlebars, though!


Happy (sleepy) pre-bike selfie. Je suis cool.


Food-wise, I am really into ramen bowls lately. So hot right now (or maybe so OVER in 2013; I’m not up on the food trends).


Autumn-appropriate dinner: basic chili from How It All Vegan.


Banana-zucchini muffins from Edible Toronto. Do not let the cardboard-like appearance fool you: these are delicious, in a fruity-vegy sort of way.


Okay I guess I do readings and work on assignments occasionally. Preferably at the Rooster, in late afternoon, with sunlight streaming through the front windows and a gorgeous park across the street. WOOP!


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