il neige!

It’s a snowy world again! [Playing around with my phone camera’s colour modes…Instagram it ain’t but I do what I can] I like going for walks in the snow what I have a cold [coupled with drinking mug upon mug of tea, of course]. Seems counter-intuitive, but it always makes my head, throat, and stuffy […]

hooray for breakfast

Why have I never tried chocolate oatmeal before? This creation was composed off: 1/4 Bob’s Red Mill multigrain cereal Pinch of cinnamon 1 c water Splash of almond milk 1/2 banana, sliced 1 Tbsp cocoa powder Peanut butter Frozen raspberries Pretty splendid way to start the day. [Frozen raspberries, why are you so un-photogenic?] Another […]

boredom baking

Boredom bakin’ Dancing, shakin’ Cookie makin’ For the takin’ Right, good thing I’m not in a creative writing course at the moment. I refuse to let my unsulfured molasses go to waste, so sorry to be boring, but here are MOAR gingersnaps! Half with red sprinkles, half with a chocolate centre. I have a cookies-for-laundry […]

we like to move it

Hm, looks like I might be moving back to Toronto sooner than I thought…I have three job/internship interviews in the next couple of days, so if I get work there, it doesn’t make sense to stay in Waterloo, much as I adore my apartment. Oh, the unpredictability of life as a recent graduate! My eats […]

Saturday brunch

When one is finished school and unemployed, free time is available in delightfully long stretches. Plenty of time for a leisurely Saturday brunch with a friend! Recipe adjusted from All Recipes – Todd’s Famous Blueberry Pancakes: *Makes 10-12 small pancakes* 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt Pinch of cinnamon 1 tablespoon baking powder […]