staving off winter

School is picking up like whoa but I finally have a bit of a break to de-stress with some baking and biking. Although, my bike rides have become slightly shorter due to the sudden onset of WINTRY TEMPS and limited daylight hours. 

Luckily one of our group assignments is to come up with an illustrated “zine” explaning the urban planning process so today we hung out at the Rooster (most cheerful coffee place in Toronto) surrounded by markers and colour pencils and sketched for a couple of hours! Yay for creative projects.

Besides drawing parties and cafes, cold days call for roasted veggies and soup.



Squash ‘n wheatberry salad:



Flaxy oats with almond butter, when it was still warm enough to sit outside without risking frostbite:Image

Curried sweet potato-lentil soup with cilantro (I don’t dice; I rip):Image


Tempeh and veg stirfry with Chinese noodles:



Pumpkin bread from The Garden of Vegan, with a side of childhood mug:


Oh and Chai-inspired pumpkin pie…yes. I could eat a lot more of this than is good for me! 


Before the frost appeared I spent a sweet Friday with a friend from Ottawa. It was LOVELY having someone with whom to bike around and eat delicious veg food. 

Bikey bike:



GIANT salad bowls and soup at Hibiscus (ordering the exact same meal FTW):


Impromptu yoga in Riverdale:


Americanos at the original Rooster on Broadview:Image

Oh yah and I finally got a haircut…and kind of resemble a cone-head. 



GOOD NIGHT, my cone-headed friends.

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