Well hey there! This blog is meant to document my kitchen creations and bike explorations.

I currently live in Ottawa and work for an environmental non-profit organization doing Transportation Demand Management programs. It is a surprisingly great place to be if you like cycling, music, and loitering in parks and cafes.

I am not a talented cook but enjoy coming up with interesting vegetarian creations, most of which involve legumes, squash, and/or avocado. I am known to bake sweets with vegetables which is frowned upon by certain family members, but that won’t stop me.

I am also pursuing a master’s degree in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto. Zoning bylaws are my jam! (Not.) Sometimes I love what I’m studying and other times I just want to switch educational paths and become a translator of French poetry. Perhaps one day I’ll find a way to combine the two?


bike yoga


5 thoughts on “About

  1. oh my… was researching & looking around for lentil diet…… and i found your site…

    you bake real nice looking stuff… how i wish i knew how to bake them. love those pancake (i guess i should be more creative next time)

    singapore don’t really have lots of access to lentil related food so i’m actually trying to learn how to cook some.

    care to share some great recipes… thanks in advance


  2. Thanks for leaving me a message – I love meeting other Toronto bloggers, too… Especially when they are into biking, as well!! 🙂 Sadly, I parked my bike for the winter on December 23 and I won’t take it out until the salt is gone… but until then I hope my bixi membership will suffice, even if it doesn’t take me to/from home at all. I look forward to following your blog. 🙂

  3. Keep on cycling, slogging in the snow, blogging, cooking and of course –eating! (That’s why we bike. :)) From a former Kitchener-Waterloo resident, former U of W student (2 yrs. before transferring), former Torontonian who stiil loves to visit Toronto where most of family is still there.

    But am still a cyclist after all this..just in Western Canada who also blogs cycling, food, travel and stuff.

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