cookin’ solo

Oh hey, another farm limerick! This one came into my head while I was picking those pesky french filet beans (they are super skinny and time-consuming to pick, especially now they’re starting to get moldy due to all the rain). Three hours of bean-picking gets a bit dull, but at least it was hot and […]

ode to parsley

there once was a fragrant green herb whose addition made dishes superb when chopped very finely it adorns just divinely kicking all other garnish to the kerb (yeah, spelled the Brit way!) Not my best, but it’ll do! I used this lovely little sprig to make a sesame-ginger-herb dressing for another monstrous green salad (this […]

paint your face!

A little face paint always makes things more interesting! Yesterday was my friend’s last day working on the farm and she’s an expert face-painter, so we emerged after lunch looking a little more colourful! (I didn’t do a very good job on her, though…must practice. It’s a good life skill.) She’s a real farm girrrrl! […]


We finally got around to borrowing SCRABBLE – perfect for this strange, rainy week. The game was won with the “word” Van Halen, which scored 90 (although it went off the board – we play with loose rules). I also finally got around to taking some photos of the farm on a properly sunny day! […]

return of the pumpkin

I’ve found the one food item that’s cheaper in BC than Ontario! And it happens to be one of my favourite baking ingredients: canned pumpkin! Pumpkin-banana-brownie swirl bars (recipe adapted from ICI) 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 very ripe bananas 1/2 cup white sugar About 2 Tbsp honey […]

lettuce appreciate the good things!

Jingle of the day: crawlin’ in the soil or perched in a cherry tree a fruits n veggies farm is a great place to be! I came up with this silly ditty when I was picking cherries this afternoon just before a wonderful thunderstorm. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down/moody/homesick and I sort of […]

stir fry-day

I don’t remember when my mom came up with the concept of stirfry-day (stirfry every Friday!) but I guess it’s stuck, ’cause I seem to be making an “every vegetable I can get my hands on” stirfry at the end of each week! This Friday’s was especially good because I made my own peanut sauce […]

berry good

Oh look! Cherries! It’s berry season here and I am thoroughly enjoying gobbling up cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and saskatoons (no blueberries, sadly). They are all so perfectly sweet/tart and juicy – perfect to snack on after a long day of work in the hot hot sun. We used some golden and red raspberries to make […]

beets and treats

One great thing about working on a produce farm is getting to try types of vegetables previously absent from one’s diet – like garlic scapes, mustard greens, Japanese salad turnips, and one of my new favourites, golden beets! They taste great roasted with olive oil and salt & pepper. Since we were craving veggie burgers […]

go take a hike!

After our dairy farm visit, we ventured to Bluenose Mountain for a wonderful hike! It was the perfect day for it – clear skies, sunny, and warm but not too hot. Ah, fresh (low) mountain air! M perched on a rock. Wildflowers! Not sure what these are called. Views of the valley down below – […]