get ‘er done!

End of term approaches. Just four final assignments + two presentations remain! And one of them is french literature, so hard work, yes, but also quite enjoyable.   Escapism beckons! Hangin’ out by the AGO. The hacky-sack man with the salsa? music is back! Mlex introduced me to SONIC. A super little cafe where apparently […]

aloof loaf

It’s procrasti-baking season! I think my parents are appreciating a new loaf every weekend for breakfast. This one is lemon blueberry with some toasted coconut on top. I thnk it’s quite bright and zingy. If only my term paper packed such a flavour punch! Harharhar. Back to trying to write things that make sense in […]

jump around

I have rediscovered the joys of working out as procrastination…it’s about time! There is nothing quite like an intense elliptical workout/outdoor jog followed by silly dancing to 90s pop hits to take one’s mind off looming term papers (on the bright side, I seem to still be able to write a decent proposal; let’s hope […]