start my travellin’…

Oof, being so close to graduating, all I really want to do come January is TRAVEL! Especially after finding some shots from last spring in Amsterdam on my phone… Dreamy canals. Oh, to be able to live in such a beautiful, bicycle-friendly city! I think my top three dream destinations at the moment are: 1. […]

mr blue sky please tell us why!

…you had to hide away for soooo long, soooooooo long? Yes, Mr. Blue Sky finally appeared today – thank goodness, because seriously, this dreary, rainy weather has been getting me down. However, I followed a tried and true recipe for happiness today, and it worked! The components are: -sunshine/fresh air -exercise -cooking -playing piano Boom! […]

glory days

Hurrah, I’ve figured out how to transfer photos from my phone! And the quality isn’t THAT bad! Some images from the all-too-brief, glorious fall period before it started raining every single day:   Nice walk in the Trinity Bellwoods area on Thanksgiving weekend: Who are these hip young kids?? My sister and I had many […]

what a bore!

Gosh, I’ve become such a homebody since summer. I guess that’s what happens when Year 5 rolls around (no, I didn’t fail anything, I’m just in a 4.5 year program). My life in a nutshell = yoga + class + work + reading + cooking + walks in the park + movies + lots of […]