First weekend in a new city means explore galore! I logged many kilometres on foot this weekend but there’s still lots more to see. Walking over the Rideau Canal Colourful house in Centretown Dundonald Park The Chinatown arch! Raw Sugahhh Confederation Park Looking over the canal towards the Parliament! I love this view. Made my […]

ottawa: the beginning

Well, I think that was the fastest transition I’ve ever made for work! *Moved from Waterloo -> Toronto on Saturday *Toronto -> Ottawa on Tuesday *Started work on Wednesday I’m so lucky to have found a sublet that started before May 1. I’m living in a fairly nice (and way larger than expected) student apartment […]

let’s go

Hurrah, I finally got meself a job! It’s in Ottawa so I’ve got to pack up and move again, but that’s okay. At least it’s a good time of year to sublet student housing on the cheap. So I’m going to be working at an environmental non-profit organization right downtown, which is awesome. I’m a […]

ravine dream

I’m leading a walking tour for an upcoming “Complete Streets Forum” in Toronto, to be held at the Evergreen Brickworks. Learning the trail gave me the incentive to do a bit of biking in the Moore Park/David Balfour Park ravine system! Just slightly lost! If I end up staying in Toronto for the summer, I […]

leaving blues

I’m suddenly feeling rather attached to my apartment & neighbourhood in Waterloo…of course this always happens when one is about to move away! Anyway, thought I’d take advantage of the perfect spring weather and take photos of some of my favourite places here. The Huether Hotel. Love that fire escape! Great second floor patio as […]

nana bread

Just finished applying to two more transportation planning jobs – one in Ottawa, one in San Francisco (hey, dream big, right?). Really really hoping I hear something positive soon. Let me just say that having very few “professional connections” makes things exponentially tougher. One of my major goals in graduate school is to get to […]