I’m feeling listy (and somewhat listless!). Reading: Petite philosophie du vélo (Bernard Chambaz); Walking Home (Ken Greenberg)  Listening to: 8tracks summer festival playlists! Always get back into these when I start working full-time again =) Cooking: Soba noodle and veggie stirfry with spicy almond butter sauce…addictively good. Almost good enough to curb my bad habit of spending […]


(Compound word inspired by listening to Purity Ring.) I just realized I’m about halfway done my contract in Ottawa and I have been leading a decidedly dull existence up until this point (with a few fun weekends here and there). Time to get a move on. At the very least, I’d like to: 1. Explore […]

simple simon

I think I’m settling into the new city and job nicely…surprisingly happy with how things are going so far, despite some minor setbacks along the way. Things that are contributing to my new found contentment: Awesome coworkers & work I actually enjoy (it is possible, hallelujah). Roommate dinners. * Biking, durrr (I’ll be doing a lot of […]

pancakes for one

…are always depressing, because having breakfast with you was such fun! [Of Montreal] Just kiddin’; how could pancakes ever be depressing? Recipe from The Baking Stone (I added 1/4 c walnuts). I opted for sliced banana, unsweetened coconut, and birch maple syrup for toppings. How indulgent! These are pancakes of the hearty variety, which was exactly what […]

il neige!

It’s a snowy world again! [Playing around with my phone camera’s colour modes…Instagram it ain’t but I do what I can] I like going for walks in the snow what I have a cold [coupled with drinking mug upon mug of tea, of course]. Seems counter-intuitive, but it always makes my head, throat, and stuffy […]