under the sun

It’s funny the things you start to appreciate at home after living in a series of somewhat shoddy apartments in university (nothing terrible, just a bit cramped and very little kitchen space to work with)! For example, meals at a proper kitchen table in the presence of natural light = one of life’s small pleasures. […]

spring a ling

19 degree weather and nothing much to do but study french verbs, make muffins, and take my dear bicycle out of hibernation = happy happy me. Some lovely wanderings around the Junction (unfortunately it was quite dull out): Lots of NDP signs up! Cupcake in the park! (Vegan lemon cupcake from Bunner’s…so good.) These cheap shoes […]

oh hai!

I have emerged relatively unscathed from a whirlwind of term papers, finals, exploded bowls of oat bran, and some wacky weather (hail and snow in April? COOL). Back in Toronto for a few days -> baking and biking adventures will ensue! AND I just got my first tattoo 🙂 Photo overload to come… Oh, and […]