one busy month!

Just realised it’s been a month since I moved to Ottawa for this new job- it has pretty much flown by, after the initial awkward-settling-in period. I really can’t complain so far and hope that good times will continue. It’s great to be able to spend time outside talking to people rather than being cooped […]

simple simon

I think I’m settling into the new city and job nicely…surprisingly happy with how things are going so far, despite some minor setbacks along the way. Things that are contributing to my new found contentment: Awesome coworkers & work I actually enjoy (it is possible, hallelujah). Roommate dinners. * Biking, durrr (I’ll be doing a lot of […]

i am a tourist

Even though I know parts of Ottawa pretty well, it’s fun to do touristy things when I have free time. Things like… Post-dinner walks along the canal: Bike tour to see the tulips! [The guide reminded me a lot of Fred Armisen…woohoo!] The man with two hats: Tulips in an array of colours: Slightly odd […]