on y go bientôt

A few things I have been making in the Bradley kitch… Carrot-zucchini-apple muffins. So much produce. Curiously bright green sauce! Parsley-tahini sauce (adapted from a Veganomicon recipe). Just about ANYTHING tastes good dipped in this. Rice crackers, veggie sticks, roasted potatoes, strawberries? Hahahaha no. Wednesday dinner for la famille: basic chili from How It All […]

get ‘er done!

End of term approaches. Just four final assignments + two presentations remain! And one of them is french literature, so hard work, yes, but also quite enjoyable.   Escapism beckons! Hangin’ out by the AGO. The hacky-sack man with the salsa? music is back! Mlex introduced me to SONIC. A super little cafe where apparently […]

cookies > school

Crunch time is upon us! And all I wanna do is bakebakebake. Plus spring has suddenly arrive and long bike rides are calling my name. After Thursday I can relax a bit but until then, must finish two papers and “large amounts of useless data” assignment…woof! Round One: Gorilla cookies from Wanda’s Pie in the […]


Oh hey, we’ve got some snowy happiness in Toronto! Rooster, my #1 weekend coffee spot! I have been enjoying cold-weather walks around Riverdale, High Park, and the ravines near  where we live. Thinking of heading to Ward’s Island next weekend, perhaps avec mes patins! *** I made some very gingery ginger snaps for a friend […]

muffins for months

I have a feeling I’ll be making lots of muffins this month…we finally got a proper tin and they’re just so easy to put together for quick breakfasts. I’m thinking upcoming flavours might be pumpkin-cranberry, apple oatmeal, carrot pineapple, lemon with currants…y tant d’options.   These are blueberry banana muffins (with pecans for good measure) […]

snow and sleep and bake!

It’s snowing outside, the family is together, and I am in the mood for skating, tobogganing, winter walks, and baking various sweets, duh. I have also been sleeping so much better than usual – yey! Vegan ginger snaps:  Look at those big chunks of crystallized ginger.     I gave some away to friends and […]