mumble mumble

I have not been cooking or baking much this summer (been fairly busy with work and weekend travels) but there is always time to make CRUMBLE. I’ve been basing my creations on this recipe from Foodie Crush – simple and delicious. This one had Granny Smith apples, mixed berries, and lots of lemon juice for […]

in the trees

I made a brief visit to Montreal this weekend and rediscovered my love for walking up hills! Hahah. I love the speediness of cycling but sometimes the slower pace of walking is necessary to appreciate one’s surroundings. [Spontaneous walk up Mount Royal] It was very peaceful…especially when I veered off the main path and ended […]

hey good cooking

There used to be a restaurant around the corner from where I live in Toronto called “Hey Good Cooking” and I’ve only just realized it was a play on “Hey Good Looking”. Wow, I’m smart. Anyway, if I ever open a cafe it will be sure to have an extraordinarily punny name. Ideas? So I’m […]