call me corny

This being my last week on the farm (I’m both happy and sad about this), I’m making sure I fully enjoy all the late-summer produce, namely TOMATOES UND CORN! Made a simple salad with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, corn, avocado, and spelt, with a dressing of olive oil, rice wine vinegar, parsley, and cilantro. Fresh and […]

a sweet gift and a cat photoshoot

Look what my maman sent me!! A dainty box of maracons from MoRoCo (fancy-pants dessert place in Toronto). Almond, coconut, caramel, lavender, chocolate, raspberry. So far I’ve tried the lavender and caramel. Although I don’t normally like desserts this sweet, they do go nicely with a cup of iced vanilla tea! Thanks, Mom! *** Blue […]

yam jam

Did you know that BCers call sweet potatoes (orange flesh) yams? In my mind, this is a sweet potato: And this is a yam: Anyhow, whatever the orange-fleshed sweet root vegetable of goodness is called, it makes for some great veggie meals! See: I made another round of black bean and sweet potato burritos with […]

la poste!

It’s crazy how much mail can brighten up one’s day…especially when stuck on a farm in the middle of nowhere with noone but vegetables for company (I EXAGGERATE). I received this wonderful assortment of reading/planning/doomful future-divining materials from mi hermana awhile ago… An intriguing atlas of San Francisco: Edward Gorey’s Fantod Pack, which one should […]

80s pop gems

Nothing cheers me up quite like listening to the radio-friendly pop music of my youth (ok I only lived in the 80s for six months, but I have a strong affection for the tunes of that decade). MOONLIGHT DESIRES ALIVE AND KICKING DANCING IN THE DARK I WANNA BE YOUR SLEDGEHAMMER! Now, some sugary goods […]

picturesque plots of produce

SPIN farmin’ visit, continued! We chomped on some celery – something we DON’T grow at Pilgrims’ Produce: And found some blackberries growing up a fence! I’m not sure if these were actually in their plot or a neighbours…in any case, they were delish. A perfect green pepper: This was the only somewhat-weedy bed. In general, […]

spin spin sugar

This weekend involved a fun little adventure to learn about SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) farming in Kelowna. One of my awesome coworkers had spoken to an urban farmer at the Kelowna Farmers’ Market and arranged for us to go visit their operation in downtown Kelowna, called Green City Acres. It is super cool thing that […]

i’m just here for the gnocchi

Ha, this line from the OC (oh yeah…I was a devoted watcher in high school) popped into my mind while cooking gnocchi this weekend. I’ll get to that in a minute! August seems to have brought on proper balmy, summer weather, thank goodness! All the more reason to eat breakfast and dinner outside on the […]


I hereby declare this the best “ice cream” EVAR. Frozen banana soft serve with peanut butter and cocoa powder!   What else have I been feeding my sweet tooth with? Hah, yup, I tried the famous microwave-chocolate-cake-in-a-mug! It was actually quite good! Of course, I adjusted the recipe bit… My version: 1/4 c whole wheat […]