Oh hey, we’ve got some snowy happiness in Toronto! Rooster, my #1 weekend coffee spot! I have been enjoying cold-weather walks around Riverdale, High Park, and the ravines near  where we live. Thinking of heading to Ward’s Island next weekend, perhaps avec mes patins! *** I made some very gingery ginger snaps for a friend […]

l’hiver, la plage

I find it important to go on long, solitary walks once in a while. Ashbridge’s Bay all the way! It’s incredibly peaceful there in the “off season”. Just me, a couple of familiies, and some solo dog-walkers. Oh the quiet landscape! I also walked through Kew Gardens which is always pleasant. And found a TINY […]

i am a banana

Saturday afternoons often bring upon the baking itch. I opted for that old standby, banana bread with nuts and chocolate chips…this is a difficult one to mess up. See Joy of Baking for recipe (I followed it exactly, except for reducing the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup and adding 1/2 cup semisweet choc chips along with […]

chocolate monster

My chocolate consumption is getting out of hand… First chocolate oatmeal, then spontaneous batches of chocolate-peanut-butter cookies! [At least it was just a half-batch, and I have some packed up to give away…] This is why I need a job. Boredom baking is fun and all, but uh, I’m going to need to do a […]

howdy, chowder

This was one of those recipes that I’ve been meaning to make for a while, but I kept putting off buying the ingredients ! This is what happens when you have to walk to the grocery store and don’t like carrying home heavy things. LAZY PANTS. Anyway, I finally bought that frozen corn and large […]

il neige!

It’s a snowy world again! [Playing around with my phone camera’s colour modes…Instagram it ain’t but I do what I can] I like going for walks in the snow what I have a cold [coupled with drinking mug upon mug of tea, of course]. Seems counter-intuitive, but it always makes my head, throat, and stuffy […]