snow and sleep and bake!

It’s snowing outside, the family is together, and I am in the mood for skating, tobogganing, winter walks, and baking various sweets, duh. I have also been sleeping so much better than usual – yey! Vegan ginger snaps:  Look at those big chunks of crystallized ginger.     I gave some away to friends and […]

luxury breakfast

I literally had RIEN to do all day so I decided to make a nice, more-time-consuming-than-usual breakfast after my workout. Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes from the Daily Garnish, with some craisins for good measure! I halved the recipe and it made about nine small pancakes. No, I did not eat ALL of the pancakes. A bunch […]

pineapple carrot sunshine

Don’t you love recipes with extra cute names? The recipe (from the Veganomicon) says: “Bring some happy-fun-time-pineapple-carrot joy to your dismal-grey-sad morning”, and that is precisely what I did. Rah rah! Some of my favourite muffin ingredients are shredded carrot, unsweetened coconut, craisins, and flaxseed, and these have alllll of them. Muffins are great because […]

ginger x3

I am getting loopy from endless paper-writing…three down, one to go! Thankfully I chose a reasonably agreeable topic to research for this last one – regional transportation planning in Portland, OR – which makes the process more bearable. Just four pages a day, I can do this! (Whether or not it makes sense in the […]

lemon liniment

All I ever do is: -write papers (2/4 done!) -see apartments -walk aimlessly and get wet feet -read back issues of the Walrus -have coffee and scones (I highly recommend the ones from St John’s Bakery – on Broadview just north of Queen) -listen to shoegaze -bake things with lemon in them! Lemon shortbread squares on […]