Ooh I’m finally getting a bit anxious about flying out to BC for the summer to work on a farm…I’m sure it will be wonderful but I’ve never done anything like this before! My experience growing food has been limited to watering tomato and herb plants (I am definitely a city girl)! And I won’t know a single person!

Whooosh must stay optimistic and open to adventure (and be grateful that I won’t be spending the summer indoors at a desk job).

Anyway, I’ve been continuing to enjoy full use of our kitchen to make delicious veggie food! Creations from the past few days:

1. Butternut squash and white bean soup (more like a stew)

2. Curried vegetables, served over spelt…altogether there were 11 different types of veggies in this dish – let’s count em:
-butternut squash
-sweet potato
-yellow pepper
-green peas
-baby spinach


3. Well this isn’t really cooking, but fruit + yoghurt + cereal bowls always make a good breakfast (although not particularly filling):

“Blood Pressures” by the Kills has been enjoying heavy rotation on my iPod – this song is so good! I LOVE her voice.


One thought on “nervy!

  1. ahh, the kills ❤ they bring me back to fall of second year. i can't even listen to her voice without feeling decidedly sophomoric.


    and you will do wonderfully in BC ❤

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