home again, but not for long!

To arrive home to be greeted by dreary weather and no internet! So sad. Despite those minor problems, I’m glad to be back in Toronto for a week before commencing my next adventure in Beautiful British Columbia, where the skies are sunny and the hippies are plentiful.

[side note: Why is it that every time I use a computer at the public library, I’m stationed next to an incessant throat-clearer? ICK]

Oh, I miss the Dam! I found it to be an incredible relaxing yet vibrant place. Definitely felt at home, despite my complete lack of Dutch language skills!

Entranced by little doorways…

Many evening rambles along the canals –

Friends and their fancy cameras!

The flower market had HUNDREDS of types of tulip bulbs – every colour and shape imaginable!

Interesting –

Street scenes 🙂

The famed I AMsterdam sign!

Museumplein – excellent place for a game of Frisbee!

One of my favourite things about Amsterdam was the network of wee alleyways hiding “back streetscapes” (a term I have invented).

The lovely Max wanders through a forest of greenery just off a main street!

Alleyways + colourful bikes -> colour me enchanted!

There’s something about white houses and pale blue doors…

Sun-dappled perfection!

A profusion of plant-life:

Next up: Countryside bike tour i.e. probably the best way I’ve ever spent a spring Sunday!

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